MKD transaction account

The Bank opens MKD transaction account for residents – individuals, who realize regular inflows based on salary or other personal income on different grounds.

When opening a transaction account, the party has to submit a valid identification document (ID card or travel document) as well as completed  „Application Form for Client Registration”  and „Application Form for Opening Transaction Account”.

The Bank issues to the transaction account holder a signature card for cash payments and disbursements at the Bank’s counter desks. Furthermore, when opening a transaction account, the holder is issued free payment card – Visa Electronic brand, which can be used in the trade network in the country and abroad as well as cash withdrawal from ATMs in the country and abroad.

Information on the transaction account balance and changes may be obtained free of charge by the holder:

The Bank approves overdraft limit on the transaction accounts receiving regular monthly inflows related to full-time employment – salary or monthly inflows based on pension, upon a request submitted by a legal entity for its employees or in person at the Bank’s counter desks.On the used allowed overdraft, the Bank calculates interest in accordance with the Decision on Interest Rate Policy.

The Bank offers to its clients option to pay regular monthly expenses,  their loan obligations, transfer funds on other transaction accounts in the Bank as well as transactions accounts in other banks by a standing order. 


On the positive balance of a transaction account, the Bank pays interest on sight deposits in accordance with the Decision on Interest Rate Policy of the Bank.