Package 1


MKD loan with FX clause.


MKD loan with FX clause for employees in AD ELEM-REK Bitola, AD ELEM- Headquarter Skopje, AD ELEM- Subsidiary HEC Treska Skopje, AD ELEM-Subsidiary Energetika Skopje, EVN AD Skopje, MEPSO, UPE Niskogradba – Bitola, PE Strezhevo – Bitola, PE Water Supply and Sewerage – Skopje, AEK – Skopje, Clinical Hospital Dr. Trifun Panovski – Bitola, PMO Zdravstven dom Bitola, Center for Public Health Bitola, UPE Water Supply Bitola, PE Pazari Bitola, PE Komunalec Kavadarci, UPE Komunalec Demir Hisar, UPE Proleter Resen, PE Komunalec Bitola, UPE DERVEN Veles, KRIN-PROIZVODSTVO DOO, Bitola Municipality, UPE Komunalec CO Strumica, PE Turija PO Vasilevo, UPE Ograzhden PO Bosilevo, Strumica, UPE Komuna PO Novo Selo, UPE Komunalec Gevgelija, HI Negorski Banji AD village of Negorci, Gevgelija, UPE PELA Higiena village of Mogila, UPE Komunalec Rosoman, PE Boshava Demir Kapija, PE Komunalec Negotino

1/ nonpurpose loan;

2/ purpose loan – funds are used for settle liabilities to other banks (10% of the amount may be used non-purposely).


up to EUR 10,000.00.



- up to 95 months;

Application costs – MKD 500.00;

Commission for approved loan:

  • 1.90% one-off for non-purpose loan
  • 0% for refinancing


    • ½ creditworthiness (annuity/salary);
    • age limit – maximum 64 years of age on the loan maturity date.


      Draft, draft endorsement, attachment of salary of the loan applicant If the employer’s policy is to not verify attachment of salary, mandatory solemnization of the agreement with enforcement clauses is necessary.

      interest rates

      7.632% interest rate annually for borrowers without additional products and with one additional product of the Bank.