Letters of guarantee for individuals

Letters of guarantee for individuals

Bank letters of guarantee is a written document with which a bank – guarantor undertakes unconditional and prompt payment of a certain amount of money in favor of the letter of guarantee beneficiary if the debtor fails to meet certain obligation within the agreed term, whether in default of payment or performance.



Payment guarantees:

  • Guarantee of timely payment of obligations
Performance guarantees:
  • Bid guarantee;
  • Guarantee of timely and quality performance;
  • Guarantee of advanced payment return;
  • Guarantee of warranty execution;
  • Guarantee of securing payment of customs duties;
  • Other types of letters of guarantee in line with the client’s needs.


without limits, in line with the needs


- 1 year with possible renewal 

Application charges – MKD 200.00

Commission for approved loan

  • 0.15% quarterly, or part of it, or minimum MKD 500.00 for guarantee secured by interest-free deposit;
  • 0,30% quarterly, or part of it, or minimum MKD 1,000.00 for all other guarantees.


  • age limit – maximum 70 years of age on the date of the loan maturity for borrowers.


Draft and draft endorsement, attachment of salary/standing order for pensioners, mortgage on real estate (strictly housing or business premises, land is not accepted, in proportion 2:1), policy assigned in favor of the Bank, 103% purpose interest-free term deposit currency synchronized with the guarantee requirements.

interest rates

Contractual default interest, in case of default of the Debtor’s obligations under the guarantee, and protested by the Beneficiary.