Visa Gold

Visa Gold is a card without borders accepted anywhere in the world and recognized as prestigious by well-established institutions, a card which established highest standards, one of the best brands.

Visa Gold is an exclusive product intended for VIP clients whose lifestyle requires flexible payments and who have a need of financial security expressed through a high credit limit amount.

Advantages for the Visa Gold holders:

    • Simple access to your account in the Bank, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week in more than 250 countries worldwide and at over 700,000 ATMs.
    • Saving time, instead of unnecessary waste of time in exchange offices, you can simply withdraw money in a local currency at any ATM.
    • Fast, simple and secure payment when you use your card in points of sale (hotels, travel agencies, restaurants, shops and etc.) with the secret PIN code at POS terminals in more than 24 million points of sale COMMISSION FREE.
    • Cash withdrawal from a bank or ATM in the country and abroad, where VISA symbol is displayed, other than in countries that are not participants in the Visa program (ЕMV LIABILITY SHIFT), or high risk countries. Those are: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Botswana (South Africa), Brazil, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Congo, East Timor , Indonesia, Cambodia, Columbia, Papua New Guinea, Switzerland, Sierra Leone (West Africa), Singapore, Taiwan (Chinese Province), Thailand, Ukraine, Philippines, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka (South Asia), South Africa, Malaysia, Australia.
    • Travel with minimum cash, no worries about the cash amount when you plan your trips abroad, now you have financial security everywhere in the world with unlimited access to your funds.
    • Stolen or lost card – don’t worry! You need only to inform our card center that works 24 hours per day for you. Your card will be blocked immediately thus eliminating to be abused. Observe the rules and you will be fully protected. Thanks to that, your card is far more safe and secure than cash.

      Additional benefits ensured by the international payment organization Visa Inc.:

        • User package of legal and medical assistance in case of accidents when traveling out of the country;
        • Prompt card replacement;
        • Prompt cash disbursement/delivery;
        • World’s Best Offers;
        • Visa Gold Events;
        • VISA GOLDA offers to its customers phone contact centers in more than 550 free phone lines (0800) 24 hours wherever you are abroad, for more information please call:
        • International discounts and benefits available through the following link:

          Credit Card Application Form

          Useful advice for use of payment cards

          VISA GOLD


            • Credit limit up to MKD 500,000;
            • Daily limit for cash withdrawal or payment in trade network in line with your desires and needs.

            Repayment terms:

            • Minimum monthly amount of only 5% of the total value of the transactions made within the credit cycle.

            Repayment period:

            • Grace period of 40 days for payment of due obligations without calculation of interest, or 10 days after the end of the credit cycle by the date indicated in the statement delivered by the Bank each month.

            Revolving card:

            • You can dispose of returned funds again reduced by the interest amount.

            Currency – MKD

            Interest rate (annually):

            • On the used portion of the allowed limit on a credit card, the Bank calculates from 3% to 11.25% interest rate depending on the collateral type.

            Membership and other charges:

              • Without administrative expenses;
              • Without fee for a card issue;
              • Commission free for turnover of more than MKD 250,000 annually;
              • MKD 2,400 annual membership for issue of a basic card (membership free for the first year).

                Additional card:

                  • MKD 1,200 annual membership for issue of an additional card (membership free for the first year);
                  • Commission free for turnover of more than MKD 250,000 annually.

                    Fees and commissions:

                      • Commission free for payments in trade network;
                      • The following fee is calculated for cash withdrawal;
                      • 2% or minimum: MKD 150.00 at the Bank ATMs;
                      • 3% or minimum: MKD 300.00 at ATMS of other banks;
                      • 3% or minimum: MKD 200.00 at POS terminals on the Bank counter desks;
                      • 3% or minimum: MKD 300.00 at POS terminals on counter desks of other banks;
                      • calculation is made for each transaction.

                        Checking the balance:

                          • MKD 50.00 per month for delivery of statement by post;
                          • Commission free delivery of statement by e-mail.

                            Checking the balance at ATMs:

                              • Checking the balance at the Bank ATMs – MKD 5.00;
                              • Checking the balance at ATMs of other banks – MKD 20.00.


                                  • Attachment of salary;
                                  • Draft with draft endorsement;
                                  • Standing order;
                                  • The forms are provided by the Bank, other than a draft.


                                      • Individual, citizen of R. Macedonia;
                                      • Aged from 18 to 64;
                                      • Regular monthly income or deposit.

                                        Required documents:

                                          • Completed application form for issue of VISA GOLD is to be attached to the application;
                                          • Photocopy of a valid ID card/passport;
                                          • Verified salary data.

                                            Reissue of a card:

                                            • MKD 300.00 for reissue of a lost/stolen or damaged card;
                                            • Reissue of a PIN;
                                            • MKD 150.00.

                                            Blocking and deblocking of a card:

                                              • MKD 150.00 for blocking of a lost/stolen or damaged card;
                                              • MKD 150.00 for deblocking of a card requested by a user;
                                              • MKD 150.00 for deblocking in case of three times erroneously entered PIN.

                                                Loss or theft of a card:

                                                • In case of loss or theft of the card, you can block it in the Kasis Contact Center every day during the week (24/7) on the following phone +389 02 3293888

                                                Information: +389(0)47/202-441, (0)47/207-655