Domestic payment operations

Opening a transaction account of individuals

A participant in payment operations is a domestic or foreign legal person or individual performing registered activity or another individual  that makes payment in MKD through the carriers of payment operations.

A transaction account is a unique and unrepeatable numeric data serving for identification of a participant in payment operations, through which all MKD transactions made via the Bank are recorded.

Opening transaction account of individual

  • A transaction account may be opened by each individual– nationals of the Republic of Macedonia as well as individual – foreign nationals, who have a treatment of residents and possess ID cards for foreigners issued by MoI of RM in compliance with Macedonian legislation.
  • The Bank may also open accounts to minors and persons deprived from business capacity represented by legal representatives, or guardians before the Bank in accordance with Macedonian legislation.

Application for opening and maintaining  transaction account

Application for registration of a client 

Agreement for opening and maintaining  transaction account

FATCA Questionnaire for a client- individuals

Treatment of persons with visual impairment in the use of banking services

  • OPENING AN ACCOUNT FOR A PERSON WITH VISUAL IMPAIRMENT – in presence of two witnesses, one of which must be a bank officer, the account is opened by the person with visual impairment signature on the documents (his/her signature, hand signature, facsimile and etc.) and signature of both witnesses (attendant and/or Bank employee) on the documents for opening an account, or Application Form for identification of clients in the part of note or at its end.
  • FUNDS DISBURSEMENT FROM/PAYMENT ON THE ACCOUNT – in presence of two witnesses, one of which must be a bank officer. The Bank may internally envisage presence of two bank officers. If the person with visual impairment is present in the Bank without attendant in case of disbursement from/payment on the account, two bank officers may be witnesses, who must put their signature on the payment order.

Transaction account card

A transaction account card is a special form serving for determining the identity of the transaction account holder together with his/her ID card

Non-cash and cash payment instruments are the following:

  • Transfer order (PP 30 Form)
  • Income payment order (PP 50 Form)
  • Payment order for salary contributions (borne by one ordering party and in favor of one or more recipients) (PP 53 Form)
  • Cash payment order (PP10 and PP50)
  • Cash payment order (PP40)