Children's savings

Children’s savings is a long-term retail deposit product intended for children aged up to 18. Accordingly, at least one of the parents must appear as a legal custodian proven by Birth Certificate.

This product allows infinite number and amounts of additional deposits during the time of the term deposit.

The product is intended for children since their birth up to the legal age. Every family is a potential user of this product considering that a birthday gift or gift for any occasion could be a child’s savings deposit book.

Minimum deposit amount: EUR 50,00

Minimum amount of additional deposit:  EUR 20,00

Method of interest calculation: Interest rates are calculated annually. Floating interest rate consist of the1М Euribor changed semiannually, or on 30.6 and 31.12 minus “-“ given margin. Interest is calculated monthly.

Method of interest disbursement:

1/ monthly interest disbursement

2/ interest disbursement at the end of the period (capitalized interest)

Method of term deposit renewal: If the client does not declare that he/she wants to raise the deposit amount not later than 5 (five) days of the deposit maturity date, the term deposit will be renewed in compliance with the applicable terms and conditions of the Bank at the time of renewal.

Early Term Deposit Termination Policy: “In case of early termination of the deposit the Bank shall calculate and pay interest rate on sight deposit for the term period / renewal period to the time of early termination (termination of the deposit agreement).

Children’s savings

Annual interest rates for EUR

     Term deposits



      12 months


      24 months


      36 months


36 months and more with variable interest rate1M Euribor - 2,073 p.p