Personal Banking

Service definition

Personal Banking is a service delivered by Stopanska banka a.d. Bitola covering care for the clients’ needs in the domain of banking services and monitoring the full client portfolio within the bank operations. This service is intended for the clients with special treatment in the Bank and save time and funds necessary for performing the bank transactions.

Definition of a Personal Banker

Personal Banker is a person responsible for serving VIP clients of the Bank through care for their financial needs and monitoring their full portfolio in the Bank.

Criteria for acceptance of clients in Personal Banking:

Eligible criteria:

  • Regular average monthly inflow of at least MKD 40,000.00
  • Minimum deposit counter value of EUR 50,000.00 in any currency
  • Users of housing or mortgage loans exceeding EUR 50,000.00 and loans secured by minimum 100% MKD or foreign currency deposit that regularly repay their monthly annuities.
  • Annual turnover based on inflows exceeding EUR 50,000.00 or counter value in another foreign currency on their foreign currency account
  • Annual turnover based on inflows exceeding MKD 3,000,000.00 on their MKD account
  • Users of Visa Gold card issued by the Bank

Criteria based on the clients’ status:
  • Management of strategic and large clients of the Bank as well as public enterprises and institutions
  • Politicians
  • Diplomatic corps
  • University professors
  • Lawyers
  • Enforcement agents
  • Notary Public
  • PhDs
  • Journalists
  • Other public persons
  • Other clients evaluated by a Branch Manager

Additional eligible criteria

There is a possibility for owners or managers of legal entities – depositors of the Bank to use the Personal Banking service only in case of special decision by the Bank Management Board.


Personal Banking service is commission free in the first six month of the date of signing the Personal Banking Agreement.
Following the expiry of this period, the Bank will charge monthly fee amounting to MKD 500.00