Purpose: for purchase of real estate – business premises under submitted purchase pre-agreement or refinancing loans for purchase of business premises from other banks



By the value of the real estate under a purchase pre-agreement/agreement reduced by the own participation amount

40% own participation / or without participation in case of mortgage value 2/1


- up to 240 months

Charges for loan application – MKD 700.00

Commission for approved loan

  • 1.5% for individuals who do not receive their salary in STBBT
  • 1% for individuals who receive their salary in STBBT
  • 0.5% for refinancing 

Prepayment fee 

  • commission free for prepayment up to 20% of the remaining portion of the loan principal in the current month;
  • 3% of the prepaid loan principal, for amounts over 20% of the remaining portion of the loan principal 


  • ½ creditworthiness (annuity/salary)
  • possibility of inclusion of not more than one loan applicant (close family member)
  • age limit – maximum 70 years of age on the date of the loan maturity


Draft and draft endorsement, attachment of salary/standing order for pensioners, policy assigned in favor of the Bank, and one of the following options:

  • 1/ minimum 40% participation and mortgage on the new purchased real estate, or
  • 2/ mortgage on real estate in proportion 2:1 with the loan amount

interest rates

  • 7,632% Прилагодлива каматна стапка за денарски кредит со девизна клаузула
  • 10,50% Прилагодлива за денарски кредит

other info

a/ if the individual buying the business premises intends to use it for running business activities, they shall perform all corporate activities through STBBT

b/ if the individual buying the business premises intends to use it for rent, the inflow on these grounds shall be transferred on the borrower’s transaction account in STBBT

* If the employer’ policy is not to verify attachment of salary, mandatory solemnization of the contract is required to include enforcement clauses.