Visa Business Credit

VISA Business Credit is a credit card that can be used both in the country and abroad.

VISA Business Credit is intended for:

    • Cashless payments in trade network, and
    • Withdrawal of cash from all banks and ATMs in the country and abroad where VISA label is indicated, except for in countries nonparticipants in the Visa program (EMV LIABILITY SHIFT) or countries with high risk level. Those are the following: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Botswana (South Africa), Brazil, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Congo, East Timor, Indonesia, Cambodia, Columbia, Papua New Guinea, Switzerland, Sierra Leone (West Africa), Singapore, Taiwan (China province), Thailand, Ukraine, Philippine, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka (South Asia), South Africa, Malaysia and Australia.

      Basic characteristics

        • VISA Business Card is a framework revolving limit approved to solvent companies
        • This card is COMMISSION FREE for payment in trade network in the country and abroad

          Criteria for obtaining the card

          Approval of Framework Revolving Limit

          • The amount of the framework revolving loan is approved based on analysis of the legal entity operations

          Payment terms

          • 100% of the total funds spent in the relevant month to the 10th in the following month

          Interest rate

          • 11.25 % annually.

          Yearly membership

          • 2,500.00 денари - Yearly membership for issue of additional card

          Cash withdrawal

            • 3% minimum MKD 300 from the Bank’s ATMs
            • 3% minimum MKD 300 from the Bank’s ATMs and POS terminals
            • 5% minimum MKD 500 from other banks’ ATMs and counter desks

              Checking balance account at ATMs

              • Checking balance account at the Bank ATM – MKD 5.00
              • Checking balance account at another bank’s ATM – MKD 20.00


              • COMMISSION FREE – for founded claim
              • MKD 1,000 – unfounded claim

              Electronic Blocking Deblocking

              • MKD 150 for blocking lost or stolen card
              • MKD 150 for deblocking at the client’s request

              Bank statement

              Free delivery of a bank statement by e-mail

              MK 50 for delivery of a bank statement by post

              Card reissuance

              •  MKD 500 for stolen, lost or damaged card
              • MKD 150 for change of card parameters

              PIN reissuance

              • MKD 150

              Card cancelling

              • MKD 200 for early cancelling

              PIN code

              • PIN code is mandatory used to withdraw cash from ATMs and for payment in trade (it is obtained in closed envelop together with the card) If the PIN code is erroneously entered three times, the card is automatically blocked.