Stopanska Banka carrier of payment operations

Stopanska Banka a.d Bitola carrier of payment operations

Having established the new payment operations in the country administered by the participants therein through the carriers of payment operations, the Bank became a carrier of payment operations by obtaining a license for payment operations.

A participant in payment operations is a domestic or foreign legal or natural person performing registered activity or another natural person that makes payment in MKD through the carrier of payment operations.

A participant in payment operations may have:

  • more than one accounts with one carrier of payment operations, and
  • accounts with more than one carrier of payment operations.

Stopanska banka a.d. Bitola as a carrier of payment operations in the country and a part of the payment system of Republic of Macedonia realizes MKD payment transactions of its clients through:

  • Internet payment operations – payment between the Bank clients (payment within the same bank) as the fastest way of realization of payment orders. All cash payments are made at the same time (cash payments and disbursements).
  • External payment operations – interbank payment operations, where the participants from two different banks may realize their payments  through two settlement systems:
    • MIPS – Macedonian Interbank Payment System, or NBRM settlement system. It is used for urgent and larger value payments over MKD 1,000,000.00.
    • KIBS – Clearing Interbank System, or Clearing House settlement system.
      • Settlement between banks realized at the end of the clearing day for orders up to MKD 1,000,000.00.

The accounts opened in the Bank are maintained in ERTS – Single Registry of Transaction Accounts within the Clearing House.