Documentary credit operations


Documentary credit offers a single universally accepted method of payment in the international trade since it equally protects the interests of both the buyer and seller.

Documentary credit is irrevocable written obligation of the Bank (issuing bank) assumed on behalf of the instructing party (usually a buyer of goods or service user), that will pay to the provider (usually a seller or service provider) the value of the documents in an agreed term under condition that the documents delivered be in accordance with the terms and conditions envisaged in the letter of credit

Nostro (import) letter of credit is a payment instrument in case of import of goods and services.

Loro (export) letter of credit is an instrument securing payment of export of goods and services

What are the requirements for OPENING Nostro LETTER OF CREDIT To have opened MKD and foreign currency account in Stopanska banka a.d. Bitola

  • Application for opening a letter of credit
  • Documentary base for opening a letter of credit (agreement, invoice or pro-forma invoice of the agreed import)
  • To have duly completed Form 1451 (p. 1 and 2) signed by the instructing party
  • Adequate collateral

Loro (export) letter of credit is an instrument securing payment of export of goods and services


Stopanska banka a.d. Bitola has established a long-term cooperation with reputed world banks for confirmation of the letters of credit issued by the Bank.


Depending on the type of the letter of credit, collateral and currency, starting from 0.30% quarterly, minimum MKD 1,000.00 for nostro letters of credit, 0.10%, minimum MKD 1,000.00 for loro letters of credit in compliance with the Fee and Commission Tariffs of Stopanska banka a.d. Bitola.

SWIFT charges – MKD 400.00