Microbusiness micro loan


Purpose: Support to small businesses with up to 10 employees, sole proprietors, start-up businesses presenting a short business plan and quality collateral and businesses that will open new jobs. 100% privately held companies. Minimum 75% of the loan amount must be intended for fixed assets, raw material and other construction material, and the remaining 25% disbursed on the client’s account


Loan amount:

MKD 300,000 -600,000

Loan currency:

Denars (MKD)

Repayment period:

up to 24 months with 6-month grace period included

Loan term:

depending on the client’s needs, and not later than 5 months. Repayment terms: equal monthly annuities 



In line with the Bank Collateral Catalogue and Policy*

Minimum eligible collateral:

Notarized draft or solemnized loan exposure agreement with enforcement clauses, for start-up business collateral/loan ratio should be at least 3:1

interest rates

Interest rate:

In accordance with the Decision on Interest Rate Policy of the Bank


One-off commission in accordance with the Fee and Commission and Service Tariff of the Bank (currently 0.5% one-off, minimum MKD 3,000 and maximum MKD 150,000 for loans secured by real estate as mortgage and movables as collateral, and 2% one-off, minimum MKD 3,000 for the remaining collateral, other than deposit collateral)

Other fees and commissions:

MKD 2,000 handling fee for approved application