With anticipated disbursement of interest

Minimum required deposit MKD 6,000.00
Currency: MKD
Term: 15 months
Type of interest rate: Fixed
Interest disbursement:  anticipated disbursement on the date of payment of the deposit
Possibility of early termination:  Depositors may not dispose of their term deposit before expiration of the agreed term. If in need, the Depositor may submit a written application for early termination due to exceptional cases, urgent and special needs, and in that case, the Bank will terminate the term deposit while disbursing the residual reduced by the interest rate disbursed in advance, and collect fee for early termination, and the client will receive interest rate on sight deposit to the date of early termination of the deposit.
Term Interest rate*
MKD 15 months 


Note: This type of deposit may not be used as loan collateral
* Fixed interest rate refers to the entire term period

1.60% interest rate annually