Visa Electron

Visa Electron is a debit card with possibility of use in the country and abroad

VISA Electron is intended for:

  • Cashless payments in the trade network, and
  • Cash withdrawal from all banks or ATMs in the country and abroad, where VISA symbol is displayed, other than in countries that are not participants in the Visa program (ЕMV LIABILITY SHIFT), or high risk countries. Those are: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Botswana (South Africa), Brazil, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Congo, East Timor , Indonesia, Cambodia, Columbia, Papua New Guinea, Switzerland, Sierra Leone (West Africa), Singapore, Taiwan (Chinese Province), Thailand, Ukraine, Philippines, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka (South Asia), South Africa, Malaysia, Australia.

Credit Card Application Form

Helpful advice for use of payment cards

Main characteristics

  • VISA Electron is a card tied to a MKD transaction account on which payments of salaries, pensions and other inflows are made
  • The cards make it possible to pay in total or in installments in the trade network in the country and abroad.
  • COMMISSION FREE for payments in the trade network in the country and abroad.
  • Criteria for obtaining a card:
  • Personally completed and signed application form for obtaining a card
  • Photocopy of a valid ID card or travel document.


  • To the available amount on the account increased by the allowed overdraft limit

Allowed overdraft limit:

  • Up to two monthly salaries/pensions for persons receiving the salary/pension in the Bank, to the amount of one compensation for persons who regularly receive their redundancy to retirement on account in the Bank.

Repayment terms:

  • Any transaction from MKD 1,500.00-5,999.00 made in trade is paid on three instalments, interest free;
  • Any transaction over MKD 5,999.00 made in trade is paid on six installments with interest;
  • Any transaction over MKD 8,999.00 made in trade is paid on nine installments with interest;
  • Any transaction over MKD 11,999.00 made in trade is paid on twelve installments with interest;

Interest rates:

  • 11,25% annually

Annual membership:

  • Visa Electron - commission free

Additional card:

  • Visa Electron - commission free

Cash withdrawal

Visa Electron

  • COMMISSION FREE from the Bank ATMs and counter desks
  • 2%, minimum MKD 100.00 at ATMs of other banks
  • 2.5%, minimum MKD 200.00 at counter desks of other banks

Checking the balance at ATM

  • Checking the balance at the Bank ATMs – MKD 5.00 (first attempt for checking the balance in a month is commission free);
  • Checking the balance at ATMs of other banks – MKD 20.00


  • COMMISSION FREE – for basic claim;
  • MKD 1,000 – unjustified claim.

Electronical Blocking Deblocking:

    • MKD 150.00 for blocking of lost or stolen card;
    • MKD 150.00 for deblocking requested by a client;
    • MKD 150.00 for deblocking a PIN.

      Statement of account balance:

        • COMMISSION FREE for issue of a monthly statement by e-mail;
        • MKD 100.00 for issue of annual statement requested by a client;

          Reissue of a card:

            • based on stolen, lost or damaged card’
            • MKD 300.00 for VISA Electron;
            • MKD 150.00 based on change of the card parameters.

              Reissue of a PIN:

              • MKD 150.00

              Cancellation of a card:

              • MKD 200.00 for early cancellation

              PIN code:

              • PIN code (obtained in a closed envelope together with the card) is mandatory used for cash withdrawal at ATMs and for payment in trade network. If the PIN code is entered erroneously three times, the card automatically blocks.

              Loss or theft of a card:

              • In case of loss or theft of the card, you can block it in the Kasis Contact Center every day during the week (24/7) on the following phone +389 02 3293888