Summer vacation loan


non-purpose loan – funds may be directly transferred to the borrower’s transaction account (the loan may be used for refinancing liabilities to other banks, refinancing liabilities incurred from credit cards, overdraft limit and loans with FX clause in the Bank)



depending on the loan applicant’s creditworthiness – up to MKD 100,000.00

REPAYMENT PERIOD – up to 12 months

Application costs 

  • MKD 500.00 for employed
  • MKD 300.00 for pensioners 

Commission for approved loan

  • Fixed amount of MKD 500.00 for loans up to MKD 30,000.00
  • Fixed amount of MKD 1,000.00 for loans from MKD 30,001.00-60,000.00
  • Fixed amount of MKD 2,000.00 for loans from MKD 60,001.00-100,000.00


  • ½ creditworthiness (annuity/salary) for employees in PEs, JSC, other companies eligible for the Bank and pensioners
  • creditworthiness up to 40% of the salary for employees in other private companies
  • age limit – maximum 70 years of age on the loan maturity date

interest rates

7.5% annually, adjustable

other info

* If the employer’s policy is to not verify attachment of salary, mandatory solemnization of the agreement with enforcement clauses is necessary.

** One guarantor may be replaced by solemnized loan agreement with enforcement clauses signed by the loan applicant if possessing property in their own name, or by another co-debtor who possesses property in their own name.