Stopanska banka a.d. Bitola participates in the primary Government Securities Market concluded among RM – Ministry of Finance, National Bank of RM and Stopanska banka a.d. Bitola.The Bank participates in government securities auctions in and on behalf of the indirect participants, administered by National Bank of RM in compliance with the Rulebook on the manner and procedure for issue and payment of government securities (Official Gazette of RM No 99/05, 35/07, 132/07, 68/09 and 131/09).

Schedule of Government Securities

Form – application for  purchase of government securities

Government Securities Auctions Results

Participation procedure in the government securities auction:

• A client completes the Application Form for buying securities, signs and submits it electronically or by fax to the Bank not later than the date of auction.

• On the date of auction, the client pays intermediation fee on the following Bank account: 500-0000000001-24;Remittance: fee for buying securities;

• The Bank charges intermediation fee in an amount of: 

o 0.1% of the discounted amount or minimum MKD 200 for state bills, or

UP TO MKD 50,000,000,00.00 0.20 of the par value, Minimum MKD 1,000.00
FROM MKD 50,000,000.00-100,000,000.00 0.15 of the par value, Minimum  MKD 5,000.00
OVER MKD 100,000,000.00 0.10% of the par value, Minimum  MKD 10,000.00
  • On the date of the securities auction organized by NBRM, discounted asset value is paid on the following Bank account: 500-0000000001-24; depositor NBRM Skopje, according to the auction result notification. The Bank informs the indirect participant on the auction results, both about their offer and the total results. 
    • buying government securities;
    • Buying treasury bonds.
  • On the date of maturity of the government securities, the Bank puts on disposal the par value of the treasury bonds on the indirect participant’s account. For treasury bonds with coupon rates, the Bank puts on disposal the coupon rate amount on the indirect participant’s account on the coupon rate maturity date.

For further information please refer to the Liquidity management and ALM Department.

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