Safe deposit boxes

Rental of safe deposit boxes

The Bank offers possibility for storage of clients’ valuable items and documents in safe deposit boxes of different dimensions. A safe deposit box is most secure solution for storing valuable and irreplaceable items.

Note: Rental price of retail safe deposit boxes includes 18% VAT.

In case a client has lost the keys, he/she shall be obliged to pay the expenses for replacement of the lock and keys amounting to EUR 350.00 in MKD counter value under the currency buy rate of Stopanska banka a.d. Bitola.

Rental prices of safe deposit boxes for individuals in MKD
Code Safe deposit box dimensions in mm Monthly Annually
А1 100 х 300 х 500 318.00 3,180.00
А2 150 х 300 х 500 363.00 3,630.00
А3 200 х 300 х 500 439.00 4,390.00
А4 300 х 300 х 500 499.00 4,990.00
А5 600 х 300 х 500 605.00 6,050.00
Fees are calculated in compliance with applicable Tariffs (Fees) Decision of the Bank.