Refinancing loan for employees in financial institutions, judiciary and other eligible companies for the bank

purpose loan – funds are used for closing liabilities in other banks (10% of the amount may be used non-purposely)



Depending on the loan applicant’s creditworthiness.


- up to MKD 400,000.00 / EUR 6,500.00;

WITH 1 GUARANTOR – from MKD 400,001.00 / EUR 6,501.00 to MKD 670,000.00 / EUR 11,000.00;

WITH 2 GUARANTORS – from MKD 670,001.00 / EUR 11,001.00 to MKD 920,000.00 / EUR 15,000.00;

WITH MORTGAGE on real estate in proportion of at least 2/1 for amounts over EUR 15,001.00;

Application costs – MKD 500.00;

Commission for approved loan - 1%.


- up to 95 months.


  • ½ creditworthiness (annuity/salary) of the loan applicant and guarantors
  • age limit – maximum 64 years of age on the loan maturity date

interest rates

MKD loan with FX clause - 6.99% fixed interest rate in the first year / 7.632% adjustable for the remaining period

MKD loan - 9.77% fixed interest rate in the first year / 10.77% adjustable for the remaining period

other info

* If the employer’s policy is to not verify attachment of salary, mandatory solemnization of the agreement with enforcement clauses is necessary.

** One guarantor may be replaced by solemnized loan agreement with enforcement clauses signed by the loan applicant if possessing property in their own name, or by another co-debtor who possesses property in their own name.