Loans for financing contractual arrangement with adjusted maturity


Purpose: Financing projects/investments, which based on the investment program or business plan offer acceptable profitability and net value of the project as well as satisfaction of other parameters and criteria ordinary for valuation of the economic feasibility of the investment project. Projected cash flows have to be supported and documented by agreements or other documentation


Loan amount:

By the creditworthiness of the loan applicant

Loan currency:

Denars (MKD), MKD loan with FX clause and foreign currency loans

Repayment period:

up to 10 years with possible grace period included

Repayment terms:

equal monthly, quarterly or semiannual annuities, and in extraordinary cases annual annuities



In line with the Bank Collateral Catalogue and Policy*

Minimum eligible collateral:

Mortgage on real estate and/or pledge on movable properties and notarized draft or solemnized credit exposure agreement with enforcement clauses 


Start-up companies have to present minimum 50% own participation in the project

interest rates

Interest rate:

In accordance with the Decision on Interest Rate Policy of the Bank adjusted to the parameters of the business plan / investment program submitted


One-off commission in accordance with the Fee and Commission and Service Tariff of the Bank (currently 0.5% one-off, + 1% of the borrowed loan amount, minimum MKD 3,000, and maximum MKD 180,000 for MKD loans and 1.5% one-off, minimum MKD 3,000, maximum MKD 500,000 for foreign currency loans secured by real estate as mortgage and movables as collateral, and 2% one-off, minimum MKD 3,000 for other collateral, except for deposit collateral)

Commission for prepayment of the loan:

For repayment up to 20% of the principal balance on the date of the payment, no commission is calculated for prepayment of the loan, for repayment exceeding 20% of the principal balance, 3% commission is calculated on the prepaid amount

Other fees and commissions:

2.000 handling fee for approved application

Loan currency:

If foreign currency loans or MKD loans with FX clause are in question, realization and collect of the loan is made in compliance with the Decision on Interest Rate Policy of the Bank