Guarantee operations


A bank letter of guarantee is a single and safest instrument for ensuring payment between business entities, and irrevocable obligation of the Bank (in written form) to pay a relevant amount of money in case of default of the obligations agreed between both entities.

Legal and natural persons may be instructing party and user of the bank letters of guarantee.

Types of letter of guarantee issued by Stopanska banka a.d. Bitola


  • Payment guarantee for supply of goods / provision of services
  • Customs guarantee (general and individual)
  • Credit guarantee 
  • Guarantee for securing payment of tax obligations
  • Guarantee for securing payment of utilities and leases
  • Guarantee for issue of TIR Carnets and securing IATA obligations
  • Guarantee for securing obligations of an entity other than the Instructing Party, i.e. for potential transfer of a business debt between other entities, irrelevant of the obligation nature (collateral guarantee)


  • Bid / tender guarantee
  • Guarantee for good (quality) performance (Performance Guarantee)
  • Guarantee for advance repayment (Advance Payment Guarantee)
  • Guarantee for obligations within a warranty period
  • Other types of letters of guarantee in line with the client’s requests and needs

What are requirements for issue of nostro bank guarantee?

  • To have opened MKD and foreign currency account in Stopanska banka a.d. Bitola
  • Issue Application
  • Documented basis for issue of the letter of guarantee (agreement, pro-forma invoice, invoice, order, tender documentation or other documents reflecting the deal)
  • Adequate collateral

LORO bank guarantees

Stopanska banka a.d. Bitola provides the following loro guarantee services to its clients:

  • Consulting service
  • Receipt of letters of guarantee through SWIFT or from the user in original and identification of signatures authenticity;
  • Notification – forwarding the letter of guarantee to the user;
  • Forwarding the payment request for loro guarantee from the user to the guarantor bank together with the accompanying documentation.


Depending on the type of the letter of guarantee, collateral and currency, starting from 0.15% quarterly, minimum MKD 1,500.00 in compliance with the Fee and Commission Tariffs of Stopanska banka a.d. Bitola