Gradual stimulated savings

Minimum required monthly deposit  EUR 10,00
Maximum total sub account deposit  up to EUR 200.000,00
Currency EUR
Term up to 36 months
Interest disbursement Interest is calculated and disbursed on a special account annually after the expiration of 12 months as of the date of initial deposit or 12 months of the date of prior disbursed interest
  • Possibility of monthly payments with standing order
  • Possibility of unlimited number of additional deposits
  • Additionally deposited funds are added to already deposited funds, and interest on the total amount is calculated from the time of depositing to the time of maturity
  • Unless payment of the minimum monthly deposit is made within 3 months consecutively, regular interest rate appropriate to the maturity is calculated 
Possibility of early termination of a term deposit

After expiration of 25 months for obtaining interest on 12-month maturity, or interest + fixed term premium higher or equal to 24 and 36 months

Obtaining fixed term premium The right to fixed term premium applies to full maturity term deposits 
Deposit loan If the client needs the funds prior to expiry of 25 months, the Bank may offer a loan secured by the same deposit


Adjustable interest rate in the first year

Fixed term premium


24 months

36 months