Business overdraft


Purpose: The loan is intended for allowed overdraft on the client’s account


Loan amount:

up to 20% of the annual net inflow amount (inflows on gyro account reduced for the amount of inflows based on loans and borrowings) in the client’s payment operations, and maximum to MKD 2,000,000 for limits secured by notarized draft (or credit exposure agreement solemnized by Notary Public) with enforcement clauses or relevant to the free part of the framework limit or collateral

Loan currency:

MKD loan

Repayment period:

up to 3 years for loans secured by bank draft or loan agreement solemnized by a Notary Public or up to validity period of the framework limit or collateral.Loan term: during the period of the credit exposure agreement

Repayment terms:

Successively, in line with the client’s ability, and not later than the loan maturity date 



In line with the Bank Collateral Catalogue and Policy*

Minimum eligible collateral:

For an amount of MKD 2,000,000, minimum collateral may be notarized draft or solemnized credit exposure agreement with enforcement clauses

Calculation of interest:

Once per month under a proportional method of the borrowed amount of the daily-based limit


The Bank revises the allowed limit on annual bases and unhindered use in the following year if the client meets each and all terms and conditions, or loan transformation with a repayment schedule provided the client fails to meet the requirements for prolonged use of the limit 

interest rates

Interest rate:

9% per year, flexible 


One-off commission in accordance with the Fee and Commission and Service Tariff of the Bank (currently 0.5% one-off, minimum MKD 3,000 and maximum MKD 150,000, and 0.25% one-off in case of prolonged loan on annual base)

Other fees and commissions:

MKD 2,000 handling fee for approved application