3 product package


  • MKD loan with fixed interest rate in the first 3 years
  • Credit card
  • Allowed overdraft on a transaction account 


The package includes a loan, credit card and overdraft limit on a transaction account. The conditions below are valid if all above package products are used


1/ non-purpose loan, funds are directly transferred to the borrower’s transaction account

2/ purpose loan – funds are used for settlement of   liabilities to other banks (40% of the amount may be used non-purposely)

Note: The loan may be used for refinancing liabilities to loans with FX clause in the Bank if maximum 40% of the repayment period has elapsed.


up to MKD 600,000.00 

  • Credit card – up to 2 (two) monthly salaries – gratis product without calculation of creditworthiness
  • Allowed overdraft on a transaction account – up to 3 (three) monthly salaries – gratis product without calculation of creditworthiness



- up to 95 months

Application costs – MKD 500.00

Commission for approved loan

  • commission free for purpose refinancing loans (if over 60% of the amount is used purposely)
  • 1.5% fee for non-purpose loans


  • ½ creditworthiness (annuity/salary)
  • age limit – maximum 64 years of age on the loan maturity date


Draft, draft endorsement, attachment of salary to the loan applicant . If the employer’s policy is to not verify attachment of salary, mandatory solemnization of the agreement with enforcement clauses is necessary. If the loan applicant is employed for a definite period, 1 solvent guarantor is additionally required, employed in a PE, JSC or a company satisfactory for the Bank.

interest rates

6.00% fixed interest rate annually in the first year

8.50% fixed interest rate annually in the second and third year

8.50% adjustable interest rate annually after expiry of the third year

11.25% on the credit card

11.25% on overdraft limit

other info

It is mandatory to receive the salary on the transaction account in STBBT, or to be transferred through the Bank within 45 days of the date of the Loan Agreement.